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Yggdrasil Launches Sonya Blackjack

Yggdrasil has once again made headlines in the online gaming world with the launch of Sonya Blackjack. Yggdrasil was previously focused on their pokies offering but throughout the years have shown a keen interest in breaking into the table games market. In fact, the company said that they intend on “reinventing casino” and the launch of Sonya Blackjack is a massive step in the intended direction. Krzysztof Opatka, Chief Product Officer at Yggdrasil, shared his view on the product and the main reasons they decided to launch Sonya Blackjack. He said the company has “witnessed unprecedented interest in the product since we first introduced it at the ICE. Never before has a table game product been so customisable. With our 3D modelling, operators have unlimited opportunities to create brand and event specific environments, at significantly lower cost than with live dealer.” Opatka added that the company has a “track record of ripping up the rule book to deliver products that reinvent the online casino space, and Sonya Blackjack is no different. We look forward to seeing Sonya Blackjack in action and will continue to drive forward the table games vertical over the coming months in much the same way we have with pokies.” Sonya Blackjack is the company’s first table game and was launched earlier this month. It was created with motion capture technology and Yggdrasil’s trademark REDUX platform and provides an immersive online gambling experience.

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