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Hard Rock is that and then some, he told City & Shore last month, explaining his Winterfest appearance on the heels of his show at Hard Rock Live on Dec. 9. Indeed, Armando Pitbull Perez has branded himself with a tenacity resonant of his stage name. According to ex-Sony Music honcho Tommy Mottola, he has used his branding opportunities more wisely and effectively than any artist in the music industry. What most people forget is that this is the music business, Pitbull says. I like creating an enterprise and partnerships around the music that I create. How do those commercial pursuits jive with his street roots? I dont worry about other peoples opinions, he says. I know my history and my life. Those experiences are in my DNA. If you dont know who you are, youll never know where youre going. And where hes going, basically, is going for it thats the translation of his signature Spanish phrase and Grammy-winning album title, Dale.

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US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter earlier told a บาคาร่า ออนไลน์ เว็บไหนดี security forum in Bahrain that Washington was sending the 200 troops to join the 300 it has already deployed to support the Raqa campaign. With a pre-war population of about 240,000, Raqa is the de facto capital of the self-styled caliphate IS declared across Iraq and Syria in 2014. Speaking in the village of Aaliyah, north of Raqa, Ahmed said the SDF had captured 700 square kilometres (270 square miles) of territory since it began its advance on the city on November 5. The alliance had also grown in size, she said, with more than 1,500 local fighters joining forces with the SDF after being "trained and equipped by the international coalition". The SDF's coordination with the US-led coalition "will be stronger and more effective during the second phase of the campaign", Ahmed said. Two SDF officials told AFP that US soldiers would take part in the offensive "on the front lines" alongside SDF fighters. The Pentagon chief said earlier the "200 additional US forces in Syria" would include bomb disposal experts and trainers as well as special forces personnel. The jihadists have used car bombs, booby traps and mines as they battle to defend what remains of the territory they took. "We're now helping tens of thousands of local Syrian forces to isolate Raqa," Carter said.

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